Pre-ordered items will be available on January 20, 2023

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You PRE-ORDER, we start the production and you will receive your piece as soon as it is made.


Our promise

“An outfit designed for adventure has a duty to preserve the playground.

ERNESST has always been aresponsible brand   :

Our articles are designed to last, which allows us to reduce the impact of the design of the garment in the long term.

The system of pre-order seemed like an obvious choice. By pre-ordering, we have no overstock and therefore by overproduction. We produce what you need and NO MORE. As a result, what is produced is useful and will be used (at least we hope so ;)).

Accessibility; we believe that our clothes must remain accessible to as many people as possible. Indeed, responsible fashion has a higher price than conventional fashion, but it should not become inaccessible. For example, we try to limit the costs related to packaging (which does not last over time and in the end you do not wear the packaging, you throw it away). We favor permanent pick-up points in order to avoid packaging related to transportation, and it is also a good way to share a moment and meet each other.

Finally, we decided to work with a trusted and local partner. Our production comes from a workshop in Liège which understood our request and followed our desires perfectly, as evidenced by the eco-responsibility of our products.

” Since Tomorrow ” this ironic expression means that all our articles are created with an awareness of tomorrow’s issues and for actors eager to solve current and future problems.