Our commitments

Hey, hi there!

If you’re here,
, it’s probably because you want to know why we created these garments
and how they are produced,
 to dress you in complete transparency.

Let’s cut to the chase, at ERNESST we have a mission :

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Create with passion,
quality and thoughtfulness

We are aware that the garment that pollutes the least is the one that is not produced. At ERNESST, we are fans of second hand, but we know that this is not the case for everyone and this is not to blame. So we decided to produce a collection that you can wear while supporting our own values, namely respect for the environment and its actors, quality and pleasure.

In a sentence:
“Tiny needs, huge dreams”

You don’t need to know anything, the textile industry has gone crazy in the last few years. Hi fastfashion, we are talking about you!

Clothes have become consumables manufactured under dubious conditions and are going out of fashion faster and faster. This is why 60% of them end up in the garbage within the first year.

That’s why we wanted to create products that resembled us while making you enjoy them.

Our promise

“An outfit designed for adventure has a duty to preserve the playground.

ERNESST has always been a responsible brand :

Our items are designed to last, which in the long run allows us to reduce the impact of the design of the garment.

The pre-order system seemed like an obvious choice. By pre-ordering, we have no overstock and therefore no overproduction. We produce what you need and NO MORE. As a result, what is produced is useful and will be used (at least we hope so ;)).

Accessibility; we believe that our clothes must remain accessible to as many people as possible. Indeed, responsible fashion has a higher price than conventional fashion, but it should not become inaccessible. For example, we try to limit the costs related to packaging (which does not last over time and in the end you do not wear the packaging, you throw it away). We favor permanent pick-up points in order to avoid packaging related to transportation, and it is also a good way to share a moment and meet each other.

Finally, we decided to work with a trusted and local partner. Our production comes from a workshop in Liège which understood our request and followed our desires perfectly, as evidenced by the eco-responsibility of our products.

” Since Tomorrow ” this ironic expression means that all our articles are created with an awareness of tomorrow’s issues and are intended for actors eager to solve current and future problems.

Our clothes

Meet The Team

Celestine & Wood Worker T-shirt

90% organic cotton – 10% pre-consumer recycled cotton

Pre-consumer recycled cotton: recycling of raw material scraps used during the production of clothing. This process is called pre-consumer recycling, i.e. we create, weave, new threads of materials from revalorized waste from textile productions.


85% organic cotton and 15% post-consumer recycled polyester

Post-consumer recycled polyester:  recycling of materials or clothes that have already been used. This means that we give these materials a second life “after consumption” to avoid the production of textiles from virgin materials.

Classic T-shirt

Thick unisex T-shirt made of 100% organic spun and combed cotton.

This T-shirt respects several commitments, it is certified“GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard“. Confirmation of the “organic” qualification of the textiles, from the harvesting of the raw materials through to ecologically and socially responsible manufacturing. But also STANDARD 100, certificate issued by OEKO-TEX, which guarantees the absence of substances harmful to health and the environment. And finally, it is certified vegan.


This flat bottom shopping bag is 100% recycled. It is made of 75% recycled cotton, 22% recycled polyester and 3% other fibers.

This product also complies with the“Global Recycled Standard”. This standard issued by Ecocert Greenlife allows the control of the process, social and environmental practices of products.

Our producer

Where does it manufacture?

We chose it because it is conscious AND transparent. Trust is a must for us.

His speech is this: ” We know that it is still difficult to establish our textile productions at 100% on the European territory. We also know that countries where the fashion and textile industry has been established for years would suffer from a sudden and massive withdrawal of demand from the production plants.

Our partners are carefully chosen for the quality of their work but above all for their involvement in the respect of human rights and the respect of nature. This is why we have built a relationship of trust with our partner factories, carefully selected for their social, ethical and environmental commitments. This is a fundamental point for us.

We have chosen to base our production mainly in Bangladesh, India, China and Italy. 70% of our items are made in factories in Bangladesh. Our local office regularly audits our partner factories and ensures the good working conditions of the workers and the quality of the products. We have taken care to select partners certified by organizations such as SEDEX, BSCI, WRAP, to ensure the application and respect of social and ethical rules.

How are the plants controlled?

Ok ok that’s all well and good, but it’s not next to that how can you trust him?

We only work with production facilities that meet standards and certifications such as WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), SA 8000 (international certification standard that promotes decent working conditions) and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). Our partner factories must therefore comply with the rules imposed by these standards. We rely on the strict controls of the certifying bodies. Currently, most of our factories have OEKO-TEX® certification, 98% have Social Factory compliance and our goal is to reach 100%.